Is Personal Training for you?

Absolutely loved training with Kate and her team. Fitness improved dramatically and 6 pack gained from laughing :) I would highly recommend!
— Lauren
  • Do you lack energy and feel constantly tired?

  • Are you not happy with the shape of your body?

  • Do you lack motivation?

  • Are you returning following injury?

  • Are you fed up with trying faddy diets?

  • Do you find the gym environment intimidating?

  • Are you stuck in a boring gym routine and have stopped seeing results?

  • Are you gearing up for an event: wedding, party, holiday or reunion?

  • Have you been told by your Health Professional for medical reasons you need to exercise or lose weight?

  • Are you wanting to be in tip top shape before trying for a baby?

  • Are you pregnant and are unsure of what safe exercises you can do?

  • Have you had a baby recently and wish to know the safe way to regain your pre baby figure?

  • Are you ready to make the change?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of the above questions, then personal training with Kate Campbell Fitness is for you!


Get started with Personal Training

Love it! Kate and her team are amazing. The fact that they can cater for all shapes and sizes - including mine - is impressive.
— Hilary

Focus on change

2 personal training sessions

with nutritional review and health check

unlimited access to the gym

rrp price £75


The 2 week Starter Experience (Focus on Change) is all about gaining a positive experience working with a personal trainer who will listen and guide you through the best options for your needs.

  • Book online and phone 0114 236 2129 to arrange your first free introductory session.

  • Fill out in detail the PT screening form found at the bottom of this page.

  • We’ll meet chat and book your further 2 sessions. Baseline measurements will be taken inc. Blood pressure, Pulse, height measurements (weight and body fat % if appropriate)

  • Nutrition will be discussed with the main aim of promoting realistic strategies that you can adopt to fit in with your lifestyle - no faddy or elimination diets encouraged - just real food for real people.

Once you have complete your 2 weeks you can decide the next stage in your health and fitness journey together with your trainer.

Bespoke Personal Training Packages

Highly recommended! Kate and the team are exceptionally friendly, engaged, and enthusiastic. My personal training sessions have helped me reach — and exceed — the goals I set myself.
— Jason

Personal training is unique to the individual. Regular sessions provide long term support - which equals results!

Choose between Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Single PT sessions RRP £47 - committing to regular sessions equals big savings.

Silver and Gold and unlimited Silver and Gold are memberships and require 30 days notice in writing to cancel.

Personal training option.png

Real People, Real transformations

Read their stories

All our Personal training clients have different reasons for attending - from Weight loss to fitness goals to strength goals their journeys are real from the highs to the lows 1-1 personal training is the stepping stone to unlocking long term health and vitality.



We can all make excuses because we’re busy, have no time to plan or have a hectic job but working with the knowledge and support of Kate Campbell Fitness and the team will give you the strength not to give up at the first hurdle, and find the strategy whereby you can eat real food and (most importantly) enjoy it.

It’s unrealistic to eat foods you don't enjoy or have been told to eat. Instead knowledge and education is the key, swapping foods, changing habits and developing an interest in healthier food will work. This is the key to long lasting success.

Kate Campbell fitness will support you through realistic easy to understand and follow nutritional guidance.

Instead of unrealistic diet plans - We have a variety of tasty recipe packs you can buy to help you choose the right foods for your personal goals. Including a great Kickstarter pack, lunches, meal prepping, treats and the New Autumn pack with warming soups and easy to cook recipes the whole family will love.

Take a look ….from £2.97 a pack

Booking sessions

Before you attend your first personal training session , please make sure you fill out the necessary online screening form. This will then be sent to us ready for your first session. Fill in as much detail as possible and please read the terms and conditions

Personal training needs to fit into your week so choose a regular time you can commit to. This is flexible we will happily move sessions with 24 hours notice.

Contact KCF via email at or tel. 0114 236 2129 with the days you wish to train.

Book sessions with individual personal trainers here or via the Glofox app (search each trainer, check their availability and book). Or pop into the gym and we can book your sessions at reception.

We work as a team - You will be allocated a head trainer and there will be times you will train with a different trainer throughout your programme.