Our vision for Keep Mums Fit

Keep Mums Fit was started in 2007 with the aim of delivering safe, effective antenatal and postnatal classes to the many mums who wanted to remain fit and active throughout their pregnancies and the postnatal period.

As a former midwife with 20 years experience Kate Campbell has the expertise necessary to progress your fitness safely.

Fitness progression in this specialist area is about understanding the mechanics of a biological system that needs to be nurtured, cared for and looked after.

Through following a carefully developed progressive pathway, Keep Mums Fit girls learn to understand and listen to their bodies, and go on to reach their fitness and nutritional goals.

Would recommend to anyone looking for a pregnancy class where they can have fun, learn and increase confidence for birth-alongside exercise and relaxation.
— Catherine

Where will you begin?


Antenatal Fitness Classes


Core connections Workshop




Buggy Bootcamp


Postnatal Power Class


Mini Movez Mum Movez

First bit of exercise since giving birth 7 weeks ago and I already feel re energised. A fantastic fun workout and I’m looking forward to next week. Kate is a great instructor and would recommend her class to any mother looking to get back into exercise after having a baby.
— Julie

Follow our carefully planned progressive pathway

This is a unique approach, taking you right from week 13 of your pregnancy through to when you are ready to resume normal exercise. We’ll give you expert advice guiding you each step of the way during your pregnancy and following birth, helping you get back to the exercise you love. Don’t worry if you haven’t attended each stage, you can join at any time - just chat to Kate and find the most suitable class for you.


Babies come too! Little ones are welcome to all postnatal classes. If you wish to use the gym - you may bring your little ones as there is a safe area for them to sit/play and you can see them at all times.

If you are pregnant and wish to continue running - read our Keep mums fit pregnancy running guide which can be purchased in the shop.

I’ve been with Kate through 2 pregnancies, attended anti & postnatal exercise, zumbered my baby weight away, gone from coach potato to regular 5k runs, boot camped through rain & shine, attended LBTs & circuits in church halls & am now LOVING the gym!
— Jo

Keep Mum’s Fit Wellbeing Programme


Keep Mums Fit Wellbeing Programme

Combining pre- and post-birth fitness, health and wellbeing

This is a new bespoke service and has been developed by Kate and her team of experienced antenatal and postnatal instructors. We listened and have provided what you asked for.

  • A specialised programme where you are looked after from start to finish.

  • 10 antenatal or Postnatal classes - Mix and match for example : 6 AN classes during pregnancy and 4 post birth

  • Personal postnatal wellbeing assessment with Kate which includes abdominal assessment and core restore practical exercises and advise

  • Complimentary attendance to the Postnatal foundation course

  • 60 minute massage therapy

  • Personal training Gift voucher for specialist Postnatal recovery programme

  • Valid for 12 months - extra classes can be purchased.


Resources for you

Check out these Keep Mums Fit resources developed with you in mind in our online shop.

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