Keep Mums Fit Wellbeing Programme

Combining pre- and post-birth fitness, health and wellbeing

This is a new bespoke service and has been developed by Kate and her team of experienced antenatal and postnatal instructors. We listened and have provided what you asked for.

A specialised programme where you are looked after from start to finish.

- 10 Antenatal / Postnatal Fitness Classes

- Individual 30 min Postnatal wellbeing abdominal assessment and advice with Kate (Ask the Midwife)

- FREE Attendance to core connections workshop

- FREE Postnatal 6 week foundation course

- 2 complimentary massages - to be taken any time

- Members price off F8 Focus and Restore 1- 1 Personal Training programme

Valid for 12 months - extra classes can be purchased.

Our vision for Keep Mums Fit

Keep Mums Fit was started in 2007 with the aim of delivering safe, effective Antenatal and Postnatal classes to the many mums who wanted to remain fit and active throughout their pregnancies and the Postnatal period.

Its hard to know what you can and can’t do, but don’t worry, Kate Campbell Fitness has the experience and experts on hand to help.

With expert advice and support, education and training, Keep Mums Fit will deliver an effective exercise programme that focuses on adapting traditional exercises to support your changing body throughout pregnancy and will help you reconnect and restore your body safely post-birth.

Why attend Keep Mums Fit?

As a former Midwife with 20 years experience Kate Campbell has the expertise necessary to progress your fitness safely. Fitness progression in this specialist area is about understanding the mechanics of a biological system that needs to be nurtured, cared for and looked after. Through following a carefully developed progressive pathway, Keep Mums Fit girls learn to understand and listen to their bodies, and go on to reach their fitness and nutritional goals.

Read our Keep mums Fit step by step guide to a healthy active pregnancy during each month - This information is given as guidance only and is based on a low risk pregnancy with no complications - This is not to be used as a substitute for information provided by your midwife GP or consultant. If you are unsure please discuss with your care provider.

Month 1:

If you regularly exercise continue to exercise as you would do normally, At this stage it’s important to eat well increasing your protein and healthy fat intake to nourish your body and support your developing baby. Pregnancy symptoms may not be obvious yet, with the first sign being a missed period.

Month 2:

following a positive pregnancy test, major changes will now be occurring. Symptoms include Breast tenderness, increased tiredness morning sickness and mood swings. Continue your exercise routine as normal, at this stage no exercise changes need to be made. It’s important however to listen to your body and rest when needed, drink and eat well. You may find the 45 minute exercise class you normally attend a little more tiring and not as easy.

If you currently do not exercise begin to think about starting a regular fitness routine, daily walks, swimming gentle aerobics. Start slowly with 10 minutes of warming up, 5 minutes at a faster pace and 5 minutes to cool down, gradually increase the faster pace by 5 minutes each week until you get to 30 minutes. Aim then to continue to exercise for 30 minutes 3-5 times a week. It must be advised however that this is not the time to take up a strenuous sport. Evidence supports that Women who exercise during pregnancy feel more energised and symptoms are reduced. There is no evidence that continuing your normal exercise routine will cause a Miscarriage…. continue reading


Follow our carefully planned progressive pathway

This is a unique approach, taking you right from week 13 of your pregnancy through to when you are ready to resume normal exercise.

Expert advise guiding you each step of the way during your pregnancy and there again following birth helping you get back to the exercise you love.

DON”T worry if you haven’t attended each stage you can join at any time - chat to Kate and find the most suitable class for you.

Babies come too! and Little ones are welcome to All the postnatal classes.

Want to be a member and not sure what you can do - Don’t worry we have developed focus Postnatal Workouts ready for you to do - Just come to the gym and pick one. Safe effective and progressive.

There are 3 Postnatal 5 when buggy bootcamp is running and 2 Antenatal classes throughout the week.

If you wish to use the gym - you may bring your little ones as there is a safe area for them to sit/play and you can see them at all times.

If you are pregnant and wish to continue running - read our Keep mums fit pregnancy running guide which can be purchased in the shop.


Antenatal Fitness Classes

Attend from 13 weeks up to birth!

Suitable for beginners and those who regularly exercise.

Through different exercise methods from gym workouts to pilates to relaxation, strength training, core exercise, postural awareness and pelvic floor strength.

We will focus on supporting you have a happy healthy active pregnancy.

Expert guidance on safe exercise to do in pregnancy - taught by experienced midwife Kate Campbell and her expert pre/postnatal trainers

The Antenatal class is held on

*Thursday Evenings 7pm - 8pm

Friday day time 11am -12pm

You can either PAYG or buy a class pack of 12 for 10 premium classes.


Core connections Workshop

DON'T MISS OUT on this Midwife and Physio duo!

A two and a half hour workshop for new postnatal mums to optimise postnatal recovery and to regain strength and confidence before beginning a progressive fitness journey.

The [Missing link] between birth and re-starting exercise.

Hands on assessment, discussion and practical exercise session baby comes too.

Next workshop is June 1st 2019

£20 payable on booking - this is fully redeemable when you book a follow on course personal training or the Mummy Mot.

£5 will be going to charity



Postnatal (Level 1)

Expert coaches support your safe return to fitness and built a strong foundation on which you will progress and get back to the sport you love.

This 6 week course runs over 6 consecutive sessions to be attended every week, this enables you to progress your fitness through focused stages before moving on to postnatal power, postnatal circuits and buggy bootcamp.

Complimentary for Class and Class and Gym members

Babies welcome - baby seats and mats available.

Thursdays 11.30-12.30pm

Next Course dates

18th April

6th June


Postnatal Power

Postnatal (level 2)

Following on from the (foundation) course, this class is split into 3 main areas of progression:

Flexibility, Movement Strength and aerobic/ cardio training.

This 45 min class is designed to increase your strength before moving on to higher impact exercise.

Wednesday 11-11.45 pm

PAYG £6 for members or Buy a 12 for 10 class pack.


Postnatal Circuits

Postnatal (level 3)

These 30 minute circuit classes are best suited if you have attended the 6 week Foundation course and progressive classes - This is the class when you are feeling strong - a mix of carefully adapted traditional exercises to get the heart rate pumping - guaranteed to support your fitness journey.

Mondays 11.30 - 12pm

PAYG or buy 12 for 10 express class packs - which means you can attend any other express class to support your return to fitness.

Buggy bootcamp early bird 4.png

Buggy Bootcamp

Postnatal (level 3)

Buggy Bootcamp is a great way to exercise with your babies.

2019 will be the 8th year Keep mums Fit buggy bootcamp has been running - Bring your babies and pre schoolers (they love to join in!)

Join the fun for a variety of safe progressive exercises to increase your fitness.

Millhouses Park 9:45-10.45am Monday and Wednesday meet in the far car park.

Next 12 week bootcamp will start on Monday 15th April 2019

£4 per class attend one or both classes

Sessions will not be running on bank holiday Mondays instead enjoy training in the gym with ready done for you Postnatal focus workouts.

Guaranteed to support your return to the sports you love - expert trainers on hand.


NEW CLASS - Mini Movez Mum Movez

Mondays 14:00pm, and Fridays 09:45am

A totally new, unique concept. As your kids enjoy the Minimovez preschool fitness fun in the studio upstairs you get full use of the gym - your time to work on your fitness goals!

We provide the workouts for you so no need to worry.. just bring your gym kit and trainers.

It is not just for mums - we welcome dads, nannies, grandmas, grandads aunties or uncles to join us.

Monday 2pm Friday 9.45am

Resources for you

Check out these Keep Mums Fit resources developed with you in mind in our online shop.

Get in touch

If you have any questions I'd love to help! Click here to send me a message.