Kate Campbell in 3 words:

Passionate - Talkative - Driven

Midwife to Gym owner!

With over 20 years experience in the NHS and a fitness career spanning 12 years Kate has dedicated her working career to helping others.

Committed to ongoing professional development Kate extended her accreditation, and has emerged as a skilled and experienced leader in this field. 

With qualifications in weight management, sports massage, aromatherapy, nutrition, lifestyle and fitness assessments, Kate will provide you with an outstanding Personal Training service to support each and everyone of you reach your goals.

Kate offers an honest insight into the world of health and fitness - as a single mum of 2 teenage girls faddy diets are a no no! and having a good body image is essential.

Read all about Kate and her journey as featured in the media!

Meet the team

Exercise should be fun and food enjoyed - so Kate and the team have combined their expert skills and provided a place where needs are met through support, understanding, education and variety.

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