At KCF, we have got your back....

Sit less, do more on your feet’. We know that this isn’t always easy. Here is some key information about your back and some chair-based stretches and strengthening exercises to be done anywhere, from your dining table, to at your desk, sat on the sofa or even on the bus.

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Lauren Waterworth
KMF Postnatal Recovery

For 9 months your body under went the amazing task of growing a baby and the changes that occurred during this time for some, will have been uneventful but for others cause unwelcome discomfort.

The job of birthing your baby whether it was a normal delivery an instrumental delivery or a C/S should be celebrated because you did it.

The transition might not have been what you expected, you might have experienced a rocky journey to get to the end result but your baby is here congratulations.

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Sheffield hills - it’s all in your head, you can do it!

At some point during your run/race you will find a difficult patch maybe a tough hill or a point where tiredness hits often this will soon pass especially if you can keep your mind positive. So here are some tips for keeping your mind in shape. Pick some that you think might work for you and put them into practice during your runs.


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Kate Campbell
What is stress and how can I manage it? 

April is National Stress Awareness month.  Stress is an inevitable part of life. It’s impossible to eliminate, but you can learn to manage stress with our help! But first, what is stress? 

When you encounter a ‘stressor’, the body prepares to respond to the threat. The autonomic nervous and endocrine systems respond by producing hormones. These responses include increases in heart and respiration rates, blood pressure, perspiration, and energy production. 

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7 Dieting characters - Which one are you?

Who knew there were so many? and What is the answer? 

Time after time I see clients trying to morph into a new character when they begin a new health and fitness programme, but this isn't what I want or really what you want.

So I thought I would write about the 7 different characters I have encountered as a coach and trainer a over the years and if you can relate to any one of them or you’re a mix of a few, then I urge you to embrace who you are instead of trying to change and look at ways to understand your character.

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