Postnatal Foundation Course

Starts on 31st October at 11:30 am, aiming to support your return to fitness progressively. Babies welcome. Designed by former Midwife and expert Trainer Kate Campbell - you are in safe hands. Your postnatal body deserves lots of TLC and we are there to help you back to the sports you love.

About the course

Your Postnatal body deserves respect! Attend from *6 weeks following birth, and your baby comes too! The aim from the start is to support your safe return to fitness and built a strong foundation on which to progress. Learn how to:

  • Re-establish alignment

  • Restore balance through movement

  • Reconnect breathing, pelvic floor, back and abdominals to regain strength

  • Rediscover the value of nutriton to aid postnatal recovery

KMF Foundation Course started in 2007. Having trained over 1000 women during this time the course has developed and includes many different strategies to enable you to understand the importance of 'getting it right' - progressing slowly and focusing on long term health and wellbeing.

What to expect

A typical session includes:

  • Postural alignment corrections

  • Core activation

  • Progressive Strength and balance exercises

  • Progressive movement

  • Pelvic floor Visualisations

  • Stretch

The session will be 45 minutes - hour long with the option to network with members of the group over refreshments at the end of the session... remember that support is essential.

*If you have had a Caesarean Section you may wish to attend later. Do get in touch.

Next course begins 29th August at 11:30am

Ruth Smith