FOCUS and Shred Autumn Offer

Click to see AMAZING before and after pictures. Our amazing new programme is designed to get results - 6 weeks, 12 personal training sessions, unlimited gym access, 6 class credits and unlimited nutritional support. Clients are loving their results in only a few weeks!


So what’s included?

  • (12 Sessions) Focus and Shred * 2 PT sessions per week - 6 weeks

  • Discounted massage therapies

  • 6 Class credits of your choice

Ideal for those of you who are wanting results fast for a holiday, a celebration or an event and will commit to the nutrition plan and 2 training a week.

Special Summer Offer:


  • £450 For Members and Bootcamp participants

Usual RRP Non Members £564 Members £479

Hannah’s story

This is most definitely a programme that does what it says on the tin and more…. But….. only if you are prepared to commit to it. I was slightly nervous at the beginning about whether I would be able to stick to the nutrition plan and cope with the weights but it became apparent very quickly that the guidance in the PT sessions and throughout the programme would help me stay on track. Having attended Kate’s classes for nearly 8 years and previously had PT sessions with Kate I knew I was in a supportive environment that would push me to achieve my goals in a way that would fit in with the reality of everyday life.

Fast forward to the end of the programme and I am extremely happy with the results. I achieved a combination of body fat loss, weight loss and cm loss, alongside gaining more tone and definition pretty much everywhere!  With the support of Kate and the team I managed to achieve something I thought I never could in just 6 weeks. However, the best bit is that the positive impacts didn’t stop there.

I have never been someone who thought they could use the weights in a gym. To be honest, weights have always intimidated me, but now, having already finished the programme, I still show up twice a week, feeling confident and looking forward to pushing myself with the weights. During the programme I never once wanted to miss a session and I can safely say that I always came away with a smile, a sense of achievement and feeling better than when I went in.

Ruth Smith