Focus programmes have been developed to support the 4 most common reasons people train with personal trainers. You can choose the one most suited to your needs and goals. All focus programmes allow you full access to the gym throughout your period of training

Focus and Shred - NEW exciting programme

F12 (12 Sessions) Focus and Shed * 2 PT sessions per week - 6 weeks

Discounted massage therapies

6 Class credits of your choice

Ideal for those of you who are wanting results fast for a holiday, a celebration or an event and will commit to the nutrition plan and 2 training a week.



£450 For Members and Bootcamp participants

Usual RRP Non Members £564 Members £479

Focus Recover and Restore

F8 (8 sessions) Focus recover and restore * 1 session per week - 8 weeks

Discounted massage therapy

4 Class credits of your choice

Perfect for YOU if you are coming back from an injury, have just had a baby or need a gentle introduction to Personal Training

Members £320

Non Members £375

Focus on Health

F20 (20 Sessions) Focus and redefine Health * 1 PT sessions per week - over 20 weeks

Discounted massage therapies

10 Class credits of your choice

Perfect for those of you who need longer term health and weight loss support - you may for example have been advised by your GP to lose weight and exercise more to help reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure or because you have type 2 diabetes. Ideal for those looking to lose over 2 stone build confidence and increase fitness progressively.

Members £799

Non Members £940

Focus on Strength

F24 (24 Sessions) Focus and discover Strength * 2 PT sessions per week over 12 weeks

Discounted massage therapies

12 Class credits of your choice

Do you want to build muscle for better health? Then this is the programme for you. If you want to experience the benefits of lifting you need to lift more! With the right nutrition and a progressive training programme you will develop a leaner more shapely body.

  • Girls, are you scared of looking like Arnie? Well don’t be - women have lower testosterone levels than men so we will never look bulky, we’ll just look fit and strong.

  • Men will learn the benefits of a customised strength programme performing the most common lifts and adding more weight as you progress. Male core strength is often neglected but during this programme active core work is encouraged.

Members £959

Non Members £1128


Keep Mums Fit Wellbeing Programme

Combining pre and post birth fitness, health and wellbeing: This is new and has been developed by Kate and her team of experienced antenatal and postnatal instructors. A specialised programme where you are looked after from start to finish.

Whats included:

  • 10 Antenatal /Postnatal Fitness Classes

  • Individual 30 min Postnatal wellbeing assessment with Kate (Ask the Midwife)

  • Attendance to core connections workshop

  • Postnatal 6 week foundation course

  • Antenatal massage

  • Postnatal massage

  • Members price F8 Focus Recover and restore programme

Valid for 12 months - extra classes can be purchased. * baby attends too

Members £255

Non Members £299

One off payment valid for 12 months no refunds given unless in exceptional circumstances.

Extra Antenatal and postnatal classes can be purchased PAYG or class packs