Nutrition Pack No. 4

Nutrition Pack No. 4


Get access to 12 balanced, healthy and wholesome recipes which are simple to make at home. Including a weekly meal plan and shopping list, plus each recipe has nutritional information provided. Healthy eating has never been so easy or enjoyable!

Nutrition Pack 4

·       Cottage Cheese, Avocado & Sundried Tomato Breakfast Wrap 

·       Herby Breakfast Sausages 

·       Spinach Shakshuka 

·       Brown Rice & Veg Lunch Bowl 

·       Argentinian Chicken Burger 

·       Paprika Lettuce Wraps 

·       Salmon Tray Bake 

·       Zesty Rice Noodle Salad 

·       Sweet Potato Saag Aloo 

·       Protein Yogurt Trifle 

·       Coconut Custard 

. Vanilla & Coffee Protein Smoothie

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