Nutrition… It’s a minefield to navigate alone! Conflicting information and unrealistic media influences often have us confused about what to eat.

Honestly though! Without the right ‘tools’ and strategies in place losing weight or embarking on a new nutritional regime for your health can be hard.

You will of heard the saying, “You can' t out-train a bad diet!” - its true.

Did you know that if you walk 1 mile or run 1 mile you use 100 calories (that’s it!) so even if you ran 6 miles a week thats only 600 calories (which is the same amount as a piece of carrot cake at costa!) Personally I would rather not eat the cake!

To lose weight, you need to make long-term changes to your current habits. This means combining the right food with an exercise programme you enjoy.

Drastic faddy diets and hard core exercise regimes that result in rapid weight loss are unlikely to work for long, because these kinds of lifestyle changes can’t be maintained. Once you stop the regime, you’re likely to return to old habits and regain the weight.

Kate Campbell Fitness will not promote unhealthy unrealistic elimination diets.

In fact the word 'Diet' is banned! Instead we encourage you to actively plan, record and be responsible for what you eat and drink.

Excuses are to be left at the door... be honest with yourself. 

We can all make excuses because we’re busy, have no time to plan or have a hectic job but working with the knowledge and support of Kate Campbell Fitness and the team will give you the strength not to give up at the first hurdle, and find the strategy whereby you can eat real food and (most importantly) enjoy it.

We will assess your current diet and show you how easy it is to get the right balance that is realistic and manageable for you and the whole family. There are several different strategies to choose from and together we will find one which will suit your lifestyle. These can be mixed and matched depending on your goals. There is no magic pill or shake to make weight disappear; instead we will give a focused plan which you can adhere to.

You will be asked to keep a food diary. This is non negotiable. An honest record of what you eat and drink will highlight areas that need change.  Your diary will be reviewed and discussed and recommendations will be given.

Its unrealistic to eat foods you don't enjoy or have been told to eat. Instead knowledge and education is the key, swapping foods, changing habits and developing an interest in healthier food will work.

Losing body fat it essential to health and how you look. So your journey will include understanding about macronutrients - carbohydrates (yes we love them!), protein to support and aid recovery, and healthy fats. Together they form part of the bigger picture.

Recipe guides can be bought from the store to support your journey. They are calorie and Macro counted focusing on non fancy, tasty hearty meals that you and everyone can enjoy.

Not everyone will need to lose weight, so If you are lacking in energy, feel the afternoon slump, have poor concentration, irregular bowel habits, are easily irritated or suffer with headaches. Analysing your diet and making small, but manageable changes, will have a positive effect.

Get in touch today. Lets make it easy!


Check out these Recipe Guides from my store: