At Kate Campbell Fitness we focus on the whole person. That’s why we offer a range of massage therapies to help you relax, recharge and look after yourself.

Father’s Day Special Offer

Treat dad to 50 minute back massage to help reduce the effects of every stresses and tensions. Our offer of a back massage and free gift for Dad i is available during the month of June. £30 for members, £35 for non-members.

Choose your therapy

Massage therapy is often seen as a luxury - but if you stop and really thing about it, massage should be included as part of your wellbeing programme to elevate tension, reduce stress and aid recovery.

Click on the link for more information and to book. All members receive up to 15% discount

Sports initial assessment & massage

Sport massage focuses on that one problem area and addresses the issue with postural and exercise advice. Don't let that niggle when you run turn into an injury.

Sports follow up 30 min massage

Focusing on one area releasing muscle tension and restoring balance to prevent or improve sports injuries.

Deep tissue full body massage

Deep tissue massage (wow my favourite!) You will feel those knots just melting.

Deep tissue 30 min massage

Ideal for shoulder and back massage - experience a deeper pressure than a normal massage.

Swedish full body massage

Luxury …Just close your eyes and relax

Pregnancy/Postnatal massage

Pregnancy -Indulge in a full body massage relieving those pregnancy aches and pains.

Pre and post event massage 30 min massage

3 for 2 offer available for only £48 - enhance your performance and support recovery before and after race day.

The Benefits of Massage

  • Massage can help increase joint mobility.

  • Helps promote relaxation and the reduction of stress.

  • Massage helps to reduce pain by the release of endorphins

  • It helps break down scar tissue and decreases inflammation, which can help restore range of motion to stiff joints.

  • Improved circulation to the skin, increasing nutrition to the cells and encouraging cell regeneration - this is so important post C/S

  • Massage improves muscle tone and balance, reducing the physical stress placed on bones and joints.

  • Massage relieves muscular tightness, stiffness, spasms and restrictions in the muscle tissue.

  • It increases flexibility.

  • It increases blood circulation reducing muscle fatigue and soreness.

  • It promotes rapid removal of toxins and waste products from the muscle.

  • Reduces stress and anxiety by relaxing both mind and body

  • creates a feeling of well-being and enhanced self-esteem

  • promote positive body awareness and an improved body image through relaxation

  • ease emotional trauma through relaxation

Massage has so many positive effects so choose the one that is best suited for your needs.

Many of you might know Kim as Keep mums Fit ‘Baby whisperer’ who over the years cuddled your little ones during our classes.

Kim is now our wonderful therapist and will be supporting your wellbeing needs through massage. I her own words ….”Massage is a proven way to promote a sense of general well being. Your massage will be tailored to your needs, be they relaxation to help with sleep, reduce stress, tension and anxiety or a feeling of invigoration to awaken tired and aching muscles. Or just a simple pamper and some ‘me time’. Something every body deserves!'“

”Pregnancy massage has many benefits including reduced swelling in the hands and feet, easing muscular aches and pains, toning muscles, promoting sleep and improving circulation. It’s a great way to relax and feel pampered thus helping the body to release the ‘feel good’ endorphins, essential for labour and immediately after the birth of your baby.”