Antenatal Fitness Classes

Attend from 13 weeks up to birth! Suitable for beginners and those who regularly exercise.

Through different exercise methods including gym workouts, pilates, relaxation, strength training, core exercise, postural awareness and pelvic floor strength, we will focus on supporting you have a happy healthy active pregnancy.

Taught by experienced midwife Kate Campbell and her expert pre/postnatal trainers.

You can either PAYG or buy a class pack of 12 for 10 premium classes.

Core Connections Workshop

Don’t miss out on this Midwife and Physio duo!

A two and a half hour workshop for new postnatal mums to optimise postnatal recovery and to regain strength and confidence before beginning a progressive fitness journey. Babies welcome.

Next workshop TBC

£20 payable on booking - this is fully redeemable when you book a follow on course personal training or the Mummy MOT. £5 will be going to charity.

Watch out for our next course coming soon!

Postnatal Foundation Course

Postnatal (Level 1)

Expert coaches support your safe return to fitness and built a strong foundation on which you will progress and get back to the sport you love.

This 6 week course runs to enable you to progress your fitness after birth so that you can engage with more strenuous exercise such as postnatal power, postnatal circuits and buggy bootcamp.

FREE GYM access during the 6 weeks - take advantage and pick a postnatal focus workout to compliment your fitness.

Complimentary for Class or Class & Gym members.

Babies welcome - baby seats and mats available.

Thursdays 11.30-12.30pm

Course dates:

  • 31st October 2019 - FULL

  • 9th January 2020

Postnatal Power

Postnatal (level 2)

Following on from the (foundation) course, this class is split into 3 main areas of progression: Flexibility, Movement and Strength (and aerobic/ cardio training).

This 45 min class is designed to increase your strength before moving on to higher impact exercise.

Wednesday 11-11.45 pm

PAYG £6 for members or Buy a 12 for 10 class pack.

Buggy Bootcamp

Postnatal (level 3)

Buggy Bootcamp is a great way to exercise with your babies. 2019 will be the 8th year Keep Mums Fit buggy bootcamp has been running - Bring your babies and pre schoolers (they love to join in!)

Millhouses Park 9:45-10.45am Monday and Wednesday meet in the far car park.

Rain or Shine ww are thee to motivate and support your journey.

Last 6 week bootcamp in 2019 will start on Monday 16th September 2019

Retuning April 2020!

Full payment required - FREE access to the Gym and our amazing Postnatal ready done for your exercise workouts.

Look out for our next Buggy Bootcamp coming soon!

Mini-Movez Mum-Movez

Mondays 14:00pm, and Fridays 09:45am

A totally new, unique concept to our gym.

As your kids enjoy the Minimovez preschool fitness fun in the studio upstairs you get full use of the gym our focus workouts and guided support, your time to work on your fitness goals!

We provide the workouts for you so no need to worry, just bring your gym kit and trainers.

It is not just for mums - we welcome dads, nannies, grandmas, grandads aunties or uncles to join us.

Monday 2pm Friday 9.45am