Frequently asked Questions

Do I have to buy the 2 week Focus on fitness or Focus on Change Experience? I know what I want to do.

If you know you want to become a gym member, attend for personal training or want to buy class credit pack or PAYG then you can purchase online, there is NO need to buy the focus on change or fitness experience.

The same applies to gift vouchers and massage therapies

The 2 -3 week Experience is to allow you time to decide which membership package or Personal training programme is best suited for you - its allows you time with our trainers and instructors to try our facilities and classes or have 2 x 1-1 PT sessions and heath check before deciding.

FREE 1 hour induction available when you purchase FOCUS ON CHANGE

YOU get to Know us and we get to know YOU for individual support, recommendations and advice.

Free gym and class Trial - Try any class for Free or attend the gym Please be aware if you book a free trial and do not attend you maybe charged - out of curtsy for our staff that travel please cancel within 2hours of the class starting if you cannot attend. or phone 0114 236 2129

I work away / attend another gym / or have finished my PT sessions and feel confident to motivate myself. Can you design me a programme I can use?

Yes all extra programmes can be designed for your needs choose 8 or 12 session programme starting from £30 You will need to fill out in as much detail as possible your personal training goals aims both in fitness and nutrition. Email us and (Go to the screening forms and fill out the PT one and send back)

I am a member of another gym can I still train with Kate Campbell fitness?

YES OF CAUSE - We have so many great programmes and classes that you may wish to dip in and out of.

Many people have bought PT programmes or sessions to work with us on specific goals and will continue to train elsewhere. For example you might be a member of Virgin because of the great facilities - but you know that our training is bespoke and client focused so you buy the focus on shred programme and for 6 weeks get a tailored personalise experience.

You see a class you love or a bootcamp programme and attend.

PAYG 12 for 10 PT sessions is a one off introductory offer - no frills just your PT sessions / experiences are there for you to take advantage of.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

All members will receive additional discounts up to 15% on massages, products, personal training and programmes. In addition if you are a class member or joint class and gym member you can attend many courses free of charge for example all bootcamps and postnatal course.

Is this a Female only gym?

No we welcome male clients too, from personal training, yoga, bootcamps, gym and classes there is something for everyone.

We have fantastic Male programmes from strength gain to fitness improvement to weight loss and nutritional support we cater for males all ages and levels of fitness.

Can my children train in the gym?

Many people ask if their kids can join them in the gym without a membership - well the answer is YES kids age 12 -17 can attend with a paying gym member for FREE classes are chargeable

The best time to train together is between 4-6pm Monday to Thursday when a member of staff is on Hand to support.

Our Teens Focus workouts are fun and easy to follow. These are found in the gym area and support is on hand from our trainers.

15-17 year olds can attend unaccompanied our Junior gym membership is £18 per month and can be cancelled at any time - Juniors but must attend initially with a parent and complete an induction programme.

All children will need a screening form completed and signed by their parents.

Personal training clients children can attend for FREE.

Please ask for more details.

What does a typical personal training session involve?

This varies according to individual goals, but a typical 60 minute session will start with a 5-10 minute warm up either on the treadmill, exercise bike or functional training. The aim is to gradually warm up the muscles to be used, raise the heart rate and lubricate the joints in preparation for the main activity, thus preventing injury.

The main section may include:
Functional strength exercises working all muscle groups: shoulders, back, chest, legs, core and arms. Incorporating a variety of equipment and body weight exercises. To boost metabolism and increase weight loss a mixture of interval training will be used. Including: HIIT, Tabata and circuits.

Weight training will be added to every programme. Don’t be put off - women will not gain muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger ie. as we don’t produce enough testosterone, but the benefits of using weights is well researched and documented. Instead you will tone up, drop body fat and become leaner.

Postural awareness and corrective exercises aimed at improving core strength will slowly bring down the heart rate and help your body cool down.

Stretching to finish the session will help in preventing muscle soreness and will highlight areas that need extra work. Using a variety of methods from foam rolling to bands to body weight stretches.

Nutritional guidance and support given: extra nutritional packs are available to download - easy to cook no fuss calorie counted and Macro counted.

Each programme is tailored to the individual - plans will be developed for your personal needs.

We welcome Professional referrals from GP’s Physios osteopaths and chiropractors - working together we highlight areas that we as personal trainers need to concentrate on following on from expert advice - from shoulder, back, neck and pelvic floor dysfunction we support progressive fitness to get you back to full fitness.

I have visions of Personal Trainers shouting and pushing me to do more press- ups. Is this true?

I can’t speak for other Gyms or PT’s, but here at Kate Campbell Fitness we have a philosophy of ensuring a holistic approach is taken to training clients. Goals are set, lifestyle reviewed, recommendations and suggestions made, motivation and encouragement provided without fail.

Shouting is not needed or appreciated!

Your commitment to give 100% means you will achieve your goals with hard work, consistency and a desire from within.


Focus programme to purchase?

Focus and shred – Ideal if you really want to accelerate your weight loss journey, have a planned event or holiday coming up and what fast results.

·       2 PT sessions a week 

·       Discounted massage therapy

. 6 class credits - attend any class to compliment your goals

All programmes will support your nutrition fitness and wellbeing with extra guidelines given and email support.

You can attend the gym FREE throughout your programme

Please note programmes must be completed within the agreed time frame.

One off payment no refunds

What Nutritional support is included?

During your 2 week Starter on Change experience working with a personal trainer, we ask you to complete a food diary.

After the 2 weeks we review - Guidelines and recommendations are given to which strategy will be the best for you to start with.

Food plans are not given out routinely because they don't work in the long term. Instead you can buy online our recommended nutrition recipes to kick start your healthy eating - quick and easy to do they come with a meal guide and some with a shopping list.

It’s unrealistic for trainers to tell you what to eat for each meal, day in and day out. If you followed a food plan you would end up eating foods you didn’t enjoy.

Instead we focus on keeping it real - you have to learn and decide yourself if the food you eat is supporting your weight loss or health journey and if its getting you closer to your goals.

Becoming educated experimenting and learning how the food we eat effects mood, sleep and digestion will allow you to make better choices when faced with cravings, party foods, or going out to dinner. Your goals will be reached through your own understanding knowledge and effort.

To succeed in the long term, knowledge and education is the key, swapping foods, changing habits and developing an interest in healthier food will work better than any ‘diet plan we give you.

With all our PT programmes nutrition is the foundation to success - learn to nourish your body with healthier choices to support your training and learn to understand the direct effects food has on wellbeing.

You are in control of what you eat - no daft elimination diets, juicing, pills or shots just a healthy attitude to food and strategies which will work for you.

To support your nutrition - 7 day recipe packs can be bought from the store. Theses are calorie counted, Marco counted and come with a shopping list.

How do I book classes or personal training sessions?

Classes and sessions are booked via the Glofox app (Kate Campbell Fitness) online or through reception.

Personal training is best booked with a member of staff or on line

You have up to 2 hours before a class to book - why because our instructors have to travel if only 1 person books the class will be cancelled. You will be notified by text - please check before you attend. If we cancel a class we will return your credit - this does not happen automatically so please ring or message.

Book a class

Book a session

How do I cancel a class or personal training session?

If you need to cancel a class you can do this 2 hours before and your credit can be used again.

For PT sessions you must give 24 hours notice or you lose that session

If you do not cancel 3 booked classes you will be frozen from booking again. Please discuss with duty manager. 

 What do I wear and bring to sessions and classes?

Depending on whether training takes place indoors or outside, dressing comfortably is a priority. Do not wear restrictive clothing; tracksuit bottoms, leggings and a t-shirt or specific sportswear will be fine.

Ladies a supportive bra is essential I recommend Shock absorber or Freya active sports bra.

Trainers are incredibly important, ensure they have good cushioning and support – you don’t need to buy new, but correct fitting prevents injury. Specially designed innersoles moulded to your feet can be purchased to fit into your current trainers.

Always bring Water or diluted juice to every session although drinks will be available.

Please do not wear Dirty trainers in the studio or gym area - for pilates yoga and pure stretch non slip socks are ideal.

Outside training - what shall I wear and bring?

Dress for the weather. As above but several layers are better than one thick one. Breathable lightweight jackets, rain or shower proof and gloves.

If training takes place in the winter a small head torch is recommended. A flashing armband is optional but they do look cool! You may also wish to bring a small old hand towel.

I am recovering from an illness / injury or have an on-going medical condition. Can I still attend for Personal training and group training sessions?

A full health screen is required from everyone who wishes to train with Kate and her team.

Please ensure you fill one out the general screening form

A More in-depth screening form will be required if you are :

  • A Personal Training client

  • Pregnant

  • Postnatal mum

  • Massage therapies

You may wish to discuss with your care provider: GP, consultant, nurse, physiotherapist, osteopath etc. before booking if you have any on going medical issues prior to commencing.

Please do contact me to discuss further if you have any health concerns as training has many positive benefits, which can enhance recovery. 

A carefully designed plan can be provided adapting and offering alternative exercises where necessary working with your care provider i.e GP physio chiropractor or osteopath.

Safety is of paramount importance; unsafe exercises will not be given. Please be aware of your own limitations and ensure you regularly update your trainer on your condition, injury or illness before every session or class


I’ve just had a baby when can I start training, and what can I do safely?

As an experienced Midwife this is Kate’s specialist area - Shannon Carla and Lauren are also Pre and Postnatal qualified. 

Kate has developed a NEW Phased progressive programme to support your safe return to the exercises and sports you love.

Your postnatal body should be respected therefore correct, progressive training and specific classes are recommended.

Follow the Phased fitness timeline and through each phase you’ll feel stronger fitter and confident. 

Our phased fitness return is ideal to support your Postnatal recovery and unique to our Gym.

Core connections [The Missing link]

Bringing the experts together to ensure you return to fitness safely: Early education is essential. 

A two hour workshop for new postnatal mums to optimise postnatal recovery and learn the best exercises to do to regain strength and confidence before beginning a progressive fitness journey.

Led by Kate Campbell and Sarah Titman from The Physios a Specialist Women's Health Physiotherapist & qualified practitioner of the 'Mummy MOT'

You’ll be individually assessed and will start your fitness journey with carefully designed postural, strength and pelvic floor exercises. 

Postnatal Fitness – [The foundation]

(Postnatal level 1)

Train SAFELY with KEEP MUMS FIT trainers

6 week consecutive course baby comes too! session 60 minutes

Attend from 6 weeks following birth

Expert Coaches from the start support and provide modified exercises to built a strong foundation on which you will progress and get back to the sport you love.

Knowledge is the key...learn how to: 

Re-establish alignment

Restore balance through movement and exercise

Reconnect Breathing, Pelvic floor, back and abdominals to regain strength

Rediscover the value of nutrition to aid PN recovery

 Postnatal Power [Strength]

(Postnatal level 2)

45 minute session baby come too

This is ideal as a follow on class as not everyone is strong enough to move to higher intensity.

This class is split into 3 main areas of progression: Flexibility, Movement and Strength. 

You will develop a real sense of achievement every week as exercises are combined with equipment cardio, and movement with the aim of getting you stronger and closer to your specific fitness goals.

The combination of exercises will activate your entire body to work efficiently without the risk of injury.

Postnatal Circuits [Evolve]

(Postnatal level 3)

These 30-minute circuit classes are of higher intensity and are best suited when you are feeling strong. Your body has to be ready. Traditional circuit class involving body weight and equipment.

(Level 3)includes Buggy bootcamp this is a seasonal class form April - July

Classes and personal training can be offered from 6 weeks following a normal delivery and 8 -12 weeks following a Caesarean section.

We have a fantastic personal training programme and nutritional support – highly recommended if you prefer 1-1 support.

I have no childcare, but want to book Personal training sessions or be a gym member. Can I bring my child/baby to the gym?

There is a small area little ones can sit safely behind a baby gate in the main gym allowing you to exercise and still be able to see them at all times - baby ring / bouncer and activities available. I would advise you to bring snacks and an iPad!

There is also a 1-1 Personal training area with doors where little ones can stay with Mum.

Babies stay still (car seat or baby ring) toddlers and older children don’t!

Please be aware the Studio/gym is not designed for active inquisitive little ones. Equipment will be out during the session and could pose a health and safety risk.

So if you know your toddlers and older children will not settle then please don’t bring them.

Mini Movez/Mum moves is the perfect answer if you want to exercise and still bring your pre schoolers.

Alex and Steph will be taking the children upstairs to exercise and have fun and you can choose any Focus workout available on the gym floor to do.

From Core Focus to Cardio Focus you will heave plenty to choose from and personal trainers are on hand to help.

Book through the website - from £10 for mum and child

Dads, grannies, nannies grandads aunts and uncles are welcome to join in the fun too.

Terms and Conditions

Kate Campbell Fitness terms and conditions have been developed and continue to develop in the hopes of creating a mutually respectful relationship between Personal trainers and clients

A clear and fair policy helps build strong and long-term relationships.

Kate Campbell Fitness team are here to support you, our commitment to helping you achieve your goals, are of paramount importance to  us.

When you choose a membership this agreement commences once you have indicated your acceptance in the Declaration section of the web sign up process.

This agreement will become binding on you and us when we contact you to confirm your membership application has been accepted, at which point a contract will come into existence between you and us.

Membership starts on the membership start date.

Membership is for a minimum period of 12 months from the membership start date. Unless otherwise stated.

During the first 12 months of this agreement cancellation may only be considered as per the Fair Cancellation Policy.

Members are entitled to all rights and privileges for the type of membership chosen.

Principle Terms and conditions gym and classes - please read

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