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KMF Postnatal Recovery

For 9 months your body under went the amazing task of growing a baby and the changes that occurred during this time for some, will have been uneventful but for others cause unwelcome discomfort.

The job of birthing your baby whether it was a normal delivery an instrumental delivery or a C/S should be celebrated because you did it.

The transition might not have been what you expected, you might have experienced a rocky journey to get to the end result but your baby is here congratulations.

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7 Dieting characters - Which one are you?

Who knew there were so many? and What is the answer? 

Time after time I see clients trying to morph into a new character when they begin a new health and fitness programme, but this isn't what I want or really what you want.

So I thought I would write about the 7 different characters I have encountered as a coach and trainer a over the years and if you can relate to any one of them or you’re a mix of a few, then I urge you to embrace who you are instead of trying to change and look at ways to understand your character.

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