Spring clean your nutrition - ten top tips

Spring has always been a time to have a good clear out – out with the old, in with the new, so this year why not have the same attitude towards your diet?

  1. Clear out your store cupboards, fridge, freezer and stock with essentials to make quick meals in minutes. Uncle Ben’s brown rice is perfectly portioned and great to add to a beetroot, mozzarella and avocado salad.

  2. Add seasonal fruit and veg to your shopping list (its cheaper)

  3. Look out for hearty salad recipes, don’t just think lettuce leaves, cucumber and tomato with a breast of chicken. Look for ones which have depth and flavour for example:




  4. Eat foods, which make you food good.… some foods make you feel bloated, windy, constipated or lethargic. Find out your triggers and reduce or eliminate (only for a short time, then slowly reintroduce and note the effects)

  5. Plan ahead. Look at your meals now and switch to lighter versions of your favourites for example: switch pasta in lasagna to layered courgette or sweet potato. Use cottage cheese (I know but it works!) instead of heavy cheese sauce, add more diced veg instead of mince. Use canned tomatoes instead of rich tomato sauce.

  6. Base each three meals around moderate protein moderate healthy fat and fibrous unrefined carbs

  7. Use My Fitness Pal daily …calories matter ! 

  8. Snack on berries, nuts, crudités , hummus, yogurt and eggs

  9. Reduce refined carbohydrates and sugar in your diet

  10. Drink plenty of water - put a water bottle at the side of your desk

Struggling for inspiration? There’s some tasty and nutritious recipes in my store, designed just for you! Give them and try and let me know what you think - katecampbellfitness.com/shop.