Sheffield hills - it’s all in your head, you can do it!

● Have a positive mindset. Train yourself to silence or ignore the negative thoughts and replace them with positive self talk (in your head or out loud). Come up with a positive mantra. Motivational or technique based: ‘ I can do it’ ‘Run tall’

● Have confidence in the work you have put into training. Remind yourself of the tough hills you’ve run up and the long runs you have completed when you feel race nerves getting the better of you.

● When the going gets tough break the race into manageable chunks. The next mile marker. The top of the hill. The next drink station or even the next lamppost!

● Change your focus. Rather than focusing on how tired your legs are take a moment to take in the scenery around you, the crowds, other runners.

● Encourage other runners. Encouraging other runners around you will help spur you on. In your mind replay the encouraging words and support from family and friends.

● Try to reframe negative thoughts into positives. Pre-race nerves are signs of excitement. Tired legs on hills are normal remember by halfway all the uphill will be done and then it will be downhill.

●      Smile!

Carla - Kate Campbell Fitness Running Coach & Personal Trainer

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Kate Campbell