Keeping motivated this winter

As the nights draw in and the weather changes it can hard to keep motivated so here are my top tips for keeping motivated for running this winter.

Set Goals

Goals can be great motivators perhaps you would like to be able to run further and keep progressing-Check out our 5k to10k run course for support with this. Other goals might include entering an event, doing a Parkrun or committing to run 2/3 times a week on a regular basis.

Try new routes

Go out and explore new routes. There are lots of lovely parks in Sheffield and we are also lucky to have the Peak District on our doorstep. The outdoor city website has some routes to follow which are marked too so a great place to start.

Keep a diary

Keeping a diary or using a running app to record your runs is a great way to see your progress over time which is great for your motivation. Strava is a popular one where you can add friends and share runs as well as comment on each others runs which means you can help encourage and motivate your friends too.

Make it social

Running with others is a good way to keep you on track. Look out for our latest run course, run with a friend or join a club. It makes you accountable-if you have said you will meet a friend at 9:30am for a run its harder for you to skip it or make an excuse. 

Think about the benefits

Whatever the weather layering up and getting out for some fresh air and exercise helps release endorphins, our bodies natural feel good chemicals. It can help you feel mentally refreshed and of course is great for your health and fitness.

If you’d like more support with your running, consider joining our running course starting on 8th November.

Carla Williams