7 Reasons you're not seeing results

7 common reasons you're not seeing results - can you relate?

  1. Weekday angel weekend devil - very common to be good all week and then relax and overeat or drink at the weekend.

  2. Emotional reward, whether its, work stress, relationship problems, illness or our children, for some, comfort eating takes over and the calories add up.

  3. Over training,  I see this often, a fitness frenzy starts at the beginning of a programme and classes / PT sessions are top priority. Over training leads to exhaustion and a raised cortisol level meaning its difficult to shift the weight…negative results see exercise shoved to the bottom of the importance ladder and with this the attitude 'Why bother' which leads to procrastination and a feeling of failure.

  4. Reduced daily calories < 1500 a day - All that happens over time is reduced energy expenditure as the body reduces its output trying to preserve current weight. Initially results are seen but then the body adapts and requires less food for daily function.

  5. Lack of awareness, It’s the hidden sugar and fat in common foods that deceives many of us, anything that has more than 7 ingredients is processed. Often regular meal choices will need changing and with this comes the realisation that plans, menus, monitoring, logging and researching is essential if you wish to succeed.

  6. Exercising more justifies the need to eat more. 'I've exercised 3 times this week'. 'I need to refuel and top up my energy levels' or… 'I need to eat for recovery!' All wrong. If you wish to lose weight, the energy required for exercise comes from the extra stores you have.

  7. No weekly routine…common for many who work shifts, or whose who’s partners work long hours or work away. This is difficult but the key is planning - book a food delivery slot for the same time each week and have a morning of afternoon preparing food in advance. Plan which exercise sessions you are going to do the following week and stick to it.

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Kate x