Can't make a habit of health? Think again!

This month I challenge you to make a few small changes. Have a go at using the Habitshare app; this app gives you an opportunity to make a list of things you would like to achieve. For example- tracking on Myfitnesspal using one of our nutritional packs,  complete a 30 minute workout, meditate, read a chapter of a book or turn you phone/ PC off at 9pm and so on.

Go streaking- not the fun type… tick off your habits each day and see how many days you can keep it up for. After 66 days you have enforced it and can have a new challenge. It will change your life!

One healthy habit is likely to lead to other positive changes. Start with having an implementation strategy such as booking onto a class in advance, making lunch the night before or simply putting your trainers by the door. Make the new habit as easy as possible and the bad one as hard as you can.

Stop the self-sabotage- develop a healthy environment; de clutter, put your social media apps on a different screen, turn off notifications, set your alarm 30 minutes earlier and hide the snacks. And most importantly enjoy your healthy habit! Get that dopamine hit by treating yourself to a nice smelling shower gel after a class, a cold lavender flannel , pairing Netflix with a cycle/ an audio book with a run,  listen to 90s pop and work out with your friends, substitute caffeine for a tasty smoothie... it’s your strategy, do what works for you.  It’s all about marginal gains. 2 minutes into a flight a few degrees isn’t significant but 2 hours you will be in a completely different place, you may not see the results straight away. The British cycling team changed tiny things which led to enormous improvements!

So tell people what you are changing- share it with the KCF community, post it on social media, tell your colleagues and family and it will empower you to follow through with it. Don’t do all of them at the same time and don’t catastrophise if you break a streak, start again and see how many days you can get to.

Tiny things that you do again and again and again will make a massive change to your life. It will be hard at the beginning, messy in the middle and glorious at the end! So stick with it. Once you have changed that habit to a healthy one it will become part of your identity rather than just a belief. ‘I am a gym goer’. Wait and see your remarkable results!