Thank you for making a difference!

What a great feeling it has been to see so many of you come down and sweat it out to raise some money to send kids to Orlando. Many of you have taken the opportunity to try a new class or add some extra cardio to your work out and then had guilt free ice cream to cool down! The sense of community has been fantastic, with people cheering each other on and we have definitely seen everyone's competitive sides coming out. So far we have raised over £150 with more to count at the end of the week and well on our way in the air to Orlando.


I have met up with previous Very Important Children and seen first hand the impact these trips have on their confidence, independence and love of physical activity, a real reminder of what this has all been about.

I remember how brilliant it was when me and my friends first went away without our parents on a school residential. But for kids with severe illnesses and disabilities, this is an impossible dream. It’s just too risky for them to be away from their parents and carers. These kids have their lives turned upside down by illness and disability but they’re just like any other kids – they just want to ditch Mum and Dad and have some fun! I'm lucky that I grew up with no health problems but other kids are not so lucky and I want to see them have the chance to just be kids for once instead of dealing with pain, treatment and illness.


Dreamflight will take 192 children from all over the UK, accompanied by a team of medical carers, and spend a magical 10 days of fun and excitement in Orlando. Many of the children could not undertake such a trip without the support of the army of volunteer doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and non-medics who care for the children 24 hours a day.

So from myself, Kate and her team and the Very Important Children- a huge thank you for getting on board and really making a difference! 

Lauren Waterworth