Dieting characters - Which one are you?

Time after time I see clients trying to morph into a new character when they begin a new health and fitness programme. But this isn't what I want as a trainer so I thought I would write about the different characters whom I have supported over the years. If you can relate to any one of them or you’re a mix of a few then I urge you to embrace who you are instead of trying to change. Look at ways to understand your character to get the most out of your journey.  

A few tweaks here and there, a little bit of time planning, support from others and an effort to find time to exercise will help you find the results you are after.   

Which one are you?   

The People pleaser

Finds it difficult to say NO, often eats to please others. Has food in the house just in case someone comes round. Will always say yes to cake when its someone's birthday at work. 

The Answer:  

  • Learn to put your health and wellbeing first, Learn to say NO, it may be difficult as you don’t want to hurt others or for others to think ill of you, but keep saying it and after a few times it will become easier.  

  • Tell others what you are doing and ask for their support 

  • Plan for celebrations and occasions, review the menu, eat well the day before and eat well the following day. 

Exercise Tips:  

  • Pilates Pure Stretch and yoga are great ways to connect and give the people pleaser time for themselves. 


The Weekenders 

Good control all week and then over indulges during the weekend. Desired results are hindered and procrastination high. Never honestly records weekend splurges on My Fitness Pal. Rewards themselves for eating well all week by eating what they want over the weekend. Pats themselves on the back and goes out to celebrate that they've got through yet another busy week.  

The Answer:  

  • Learn that habits can be broken, having a take away every Friday night can be changed to cooking your favourite takeaway meal and halving the calories. 

  • If going out - review the menu before and choose wisely.  

  • Having a starter main and pudding increases overall calories, have 2 of the 3 not all 3. 

  • By changing what you drink calories can be slashed for example switching a large glass of white wine to a glass of prosecco can you save you over 50 calories 

  • If you are not seeing the results you want - accept you will have to sacrifice your weekend splurges to reach your goal. 

Exercise Tips:  

  • 2-3 aerobic workouts a week, try the park run, bootcamps, boxing or 321 


The Hundred Percent-er

Goes for it cuts all 'Naughty" things out of their diet plus bread ,plus pasta, plus chocolate, plus social events, goes on a fitness frenzy trying every new class going with the aim of losing weight and getting fit fast.  

Many succeed...however something changes! illness, injury, family concerns or work stresses, the goal then seems unimportant and unachievable and for the 100%er this can be frustrating, set backs can happen until they are fit again, issues have been resolved and they have more time to invest 100% effort again. This could take another year so in that time weight gain occurs and fitness motivation decreases.  

 The Answer:  

  • Its not a disaster things are often out of your control.  

  • If injury has occurred it will get better. Once better get back on track.   

  • Change one small thing daily - for example cut out the lattes  

  • Do not eliminate food groups - everything in moderation 

  • Focus on 80% of the time eating to support your goal and 20% of the time enjoying the occasional chocolate bar or pizza. 

  • Keep motivated by remembering how good it feels exercising and eating well. 

  • Review your results so far photos, measurements and how your clothes fit.  

Exercise Tips:  

  • A mixture of CV, Weights, yoga, stretch and core exercise. Choose only 1 to 2 sessions a week to begin with. 


The Doubter

Will give it a go but having tried every diet under the sun, feels nothing can work and that slipping up will result in feeling a failure again so is often is a slow starter. 

The Answer:  

  • If you plan to fail you will….never doubt yourself.  

  • Success is self motivating - believe you can and you will 

  • If you have determination, support and the desire to succeed then the results will follow. 

  • Daily positive affirmations  

  • Ask Family, friends, and colleagues to support you. 

Exercise Tips:  

  • Initially gentle group exercise e.g. Legs bums tum's participating in a group will motivate the doubters and give confidence. 


The Reluctant

Doesn't  like being told what they need to do to get results - may have been guilt tripped or feel 'bullied' by Doctors or family members to begin a programme. Often due to increased illness risk such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Reluctant's often struggle to fully commit until results are noticeable. 

The Answer:  

  • No one said it wouldn’t be hard work, boring at times and need attention. 

  • Enlist the support of an experienced trainer  

  • Don’t try and do everything all at once. Concentrate on one area that can be changed easily. 

  • Commitment in small stages can help so set little goals  

  • Motivation, praise and encouragement help the reluctant to feel supported and non judged. 

Exercise Tips:  

  • Regular Steady cardio exercise e.g. walking, stationary cycling, and low impact exercise will help to ease the reluctant into exercise. 


The Deniers

Believe their nutrition is okay and not sure where the problem is when weight is not lost or exercise does not become any easier. Can be overweight or within a healthy weight BMI range. Might only have one stubborn area they want to 'tone up' usually stomach and arms. Not always happy to take on board advise as they already feel they know what needs to be done.   

If over weight will often eat quickly and eat seconds - portion size many be large and exercise routine is often the same every week as it works! If weight is within a healthy BMI will often eat small portions grazing throughout the day - diet often lacks enough protein. 

The Answer:  

  • Take on board advice  - small changes are often what is needed to see a significant difference 

  • Monitoring food intake a must - my fitness pal for example will help see exactly what calories are in your favourite foods and the amount of macronutrients your diet consists of.  

  • If overweight review portion size - use measuring spoons, cups. Can you fit your dinner in your 2 cupped hands? 

  • Don’t try and do everything all at once. concentrate on one area that needs to change. 

  • Find a support network. 

Exercise Tips:  

  • Fun, fast paced CV exercise e.g boxing, 321 medicine balls and skipping  

  • Weight training 2 x per week helps the reluctant to see and feel the benefits within 3 months 


The Unpredictable 

Chaotic working pattern or lifestyle. Unpredictable eating. No set sit down meals, eats late at night or grab and go foods. The words YOU can't out train a bad diet springs to mind!  

Will often make the excuse that their lifestyle is the reason they can't lose weight or exercise regularly. 

The Answer:  

  • Plan plan and do more planning. If you work late use a slow cooker so meals are ready when you get home.  

  • If you work shift work remember you still only need to eat 3 meals a day. Grazing makes you sleepy . 

  • Start the day / night with a combination of the right food a mix of carbs protein and fat. 

  • Event food maybe FREE but you don’t have to eat it all!  

  • Look at the food labels on the pre-packed salads often they can have more calories in them than a cheese sandwich and a biscuit. 

  • Stay away from the meal deals! 

Exercise Tips:  

  • Start by committing to exercising once a week even if this means attending different classes. 

  • Have your exercise kit ready and easily transportable if you are away i.e. resistance bands, TRX, skipping rope and trainers these can all fit in your overnight bag.  

Each person is Unique with their own set of different circumstances and variable factors. Each person has to find The desire The drive and The determination to succeed.  


Changes may need to be made - but these changes should be exciting not daunting  

Calorie Deficit counts!  

Which one or more do you relate to?  

Knowledge - Education - Support - Understanding and Accepting are the primary keys needed to unlock your long term success.  

We would love to help just drop us a message  

Love Kate x