Is exercise alone enough to lose weight? Why nutrition is key.

If weight loss is what you wish to achieve then nutrition has to take the leading role.

Exercise is a bonus - a great bonus we know as it helps build stronger bones, bigger muscles stronger ligaments, better posture, and sees an increase in resting metabolism and CV fitness.

But it is a myth that Increasing exercise alone will help you lose weight in the long term if you carry on eating poorly. Exercising hard cannot be maintained and in fact can do more harm than good. Trying to fit in 5 exercise sessions a week sometimes getting up early to do so increases stress levels and the hormone involved actually prevents people losing their love handles and tummy bulge!

Think about the effort required to burn 100 calories. Those of you who run hard on my treadmill will know that 1 mile of running is not fun and the result a measly 100 cals burned (not even half a KitKat!)

Instead aim to increase daily activity. Use a Fitbit and monitor you steps. Exercise for fun and enjoyment. Use hard mixed in with easy to get the balance right and keep your happy hormones topped up.

Why not test the theory - try one week of exercising for five days without changing your diet. Then try a week sticking to the calories set for you, and the nutritional advise you have been given. To re-cap:

  • no snacking

  • increase water

  • only eat foods on the list

  • increase protein

  • cut back on sugary and starchy carbs

  • no alcohol

I'm pretty confident you will find that watching what you eat will yield a better weight loss result.

Now I not saying don't exercise, but remember the reasons why exercise is beneficial and stick to something that can be maintained. Once you have lost weight exercise will help you maintain your weight and often means you can eat more! What's not to love!