Running - Beginners top tips

Beginners running-top tips

Joints and muscles have to withstand a lot of impact when you are running. Try these top tips to prepare your body for running.

●      Try squats and lunges to strengthen leg muscles.

●      Balancing on one leg. This helps strengthen the foot and ankle but you will also be using lots of your muscles in your legs and core to keep you balanced.

 ●      Practice you planks. Front plank and side plank will help make your core strong which helps keep you keep good posture when running making you more efficient.

It’s also an excellent idea to think about training with a group to help keep you motivated and to monitor your technique. Starting 9.30am Friday 20th September at Kate Campbell Fitness Carla will be coaching and supporting a group of beginners to achieve their first 5K in 6 weeks.

Kate Campbell