Kitchen Make Over - How to help yourself to eat healthily by habit.

As your Trainer I wish I could do this for you!

I can't, but you could pretend I'm looking over your shoulder!
Temptations are all around us so to make it easier firstly take a look at your kitchen lay out.

  • If you keep the bread bin next to the toaster MOVE IT

  • If the biscuit tin is next to the kettle MOVE IT

  • If you open the fridge and the left over desert is staring at you - cover it first and MOVE IT to the salad draw

  • When you open the fridge your eye line should see fruit and veg … not cake or cheese

  • Keep healthier nibbles on display e.g. fruit bowl on the table

  • If you love baking but find it hard to resist eating the lot, freeze in batches

  • Do your kids or other half actually need their own treat cupboard? Instead buy only when requested.                                    

Focus on behaviour, habits, thoughts and feelings: Focus on the bigger picture.

Your PT journey is not just about what the scales say every week.

Nutrition is a tricky complicated business. We all know that broccoli is healthier for you than a slice of white bread but changing your diet and getting the desired results isn't simple.
Following a diet plan that tells you what to eat simply won’t work if we don't figure out the motives behind our choices and modify our behaviour and mindset.
Healthy habits need to start with finding food you really enjoy, exercise you like doing and creating the right mindset in which the pieces of the puzzle fit into your lifestyle. 

Focus on long term changes
At the start of any fitness or weight loss journey the aim at the beginning is to get there fast.

For some the race to the finish line is fast. The speed in which change and success occurs is often commended, but a fast finish often has its pitfalls!

Fast finishers often lack a true understanding and quite frankly end up exhausted and glad its over.
When the race to the finish line takes a little longer than expected with a few obstacles, diversions, twists and turns along the way. Crossing the finish line is a victory an achievement and takes on more meaning.

It’s through understanding and learning to negotiate a difficult terrain that leads to a more memorable journey, a chance to change reflect evaluate and focus on the long term strategy that guarantees success. 

So try and be patient, try to understand and try to take the necessary steps to learn strategies that in the long run will serve you well.

Quicker is not always better.

Love Kate x

Kate Campbell