Postnatal Nutrition - Common Mistakes

It is not a good idea for any new mum, (breastfeeding or not) to try and lose weight or embark on fitness frenzy too quickly.  If you do, you risk being miserable, exhausted, tired, and more prone to infection and losing water and muscle instead of fat!

  • Eating more high sugar foods to give you energy – in reality high sugary snacks can leave you more lethargic. If you constantly graze your blood sugar levels will quickly raise giving an initial ‘high’ then rapidly drop giving an energy slump. The key is keeping your blood sugar regular throughout the day. High protein breakfasts, eggs or overnight oats with added protein powder for example will keep you full for longer and your blood sugar stable. If you snack on high sugar foods you will crave more not lose weight if that is your aim and potentially gain weight.

  • If I breastfeed I will lose weight more quickly – This can be true as the energy required for breastfeeding is equivalent to needing an extra 500 calories. However the body is good at turning unwanted fat stores into the energy needed for feeding without having to eat more. If after 6 weeks you are left with unwanted weight to lose then YOU DO NOT NEED TO EAT MORE…YOU ALREADY HAVE THE EXTRA STORES NEEDED (more often than not around your hips, thighs and tummy area).

  • Eating the wrong foods – A balanced nutritionally sound diet is needed. A mixture of Carbohydrates, fats and protein at each meal will keep you full for longer, reduce energy slumps and support healthy a lifestyle. 

  • Not eating enough – for some, returning to their pre- pregnancy jeans within 6 weeks is easy! However an increase in exercise, skipping meals due to tiredness and lack of routine and breastfeeding can result in too much weight being lost. Be sensible aim to eat frequently throughout the day snacking on high energy but healthy foods.

I have put together a recipe pack full of simple, nutritious recipes for postnatal mums. If you’re struggling with inspiration or knowing what is best to eat, this might be just the thing! If you attend out Postnatal Foundation Course, you will get advice like this nutrition pack included for free, plus so much more!