How is your heart this Valentine's Day?

It’s February, we made it, we survived January! It wasn’t so bad after all. We have loved meeting all our new clients and seeing those of you who have been to KCF before try out all the new classes. 

So here we are in the month of love! And what better way to start this blog than to focus on the heart; a wonderful thing that we couldn’t do without. In February it may race, from seeing your loved one, or attending one of the many wonderful classes here at Kate Campbell Fitness, but I thought I would use this opportunity to ask the question ‘How healthy is your heart? .Have a go at this short quiz to find out, or try out the health MOT

If you take this quiz you might find that you could do with a little more activity. Perhaps you are not keen on getting sweaty but fancy getting your body moving- in which case Pilates might be the thing for you. A recent study published in Plos One found that trained runners who completed a 12 week course of Pilates (two one- hour sessions per week) improved their 5k time, VO2 max and the metabolic cost of running. So not only does Pilates improve stability, for a good running technique and to help avoid injury, it can also improve your heart function! So why not come along to the candlelit session on 11th February to give it a try.

Lauren Waterworth